Slumber Party at Hotel McCoy

In a nutshell:

  • Next time you’re looking for a cute place to stay in Tucson, do yourself a favor and ditch the overdone resort for the uniquely restored and totally retro: Hotel McCoy.
  • One mile away from the best spots in Downtown Tucson
  • A FUN place to stay that won’t break the bank

Lucy Agave:

I’d passed by the “Hotel McCoy” sign on I-10 many, many times without thinking much of the place. It appeared to be a refurbished hotel for travelers, conveniently located just off of the freeway.

So, when Sam suggested Hotel McCoy for our “staycation slumber party” I have to admit, I took a moment to check my memory… “wait, that one motel we’ve driven by so many times, that Hotel McCoy?”

I reserved judgment and packed my bag for a “slumber party” with Sam and her daughter. When Sam and I first drove onto the premises, we parked under the old-fashioned A-shaped entrance and the hotel staff came to our car window (a lot like a drive-thru actually) to check us in and give us our room key. All while we were in our car, they quickly explained how the pool service works (it’s awesome, you get to order from your phone and they take drinks to you while you’re in the pool!) and about their “Oatmeal Bar” that was available in the morning.

Just in the process of finding the parking spot closest to our room, Sam’s daughter commented on all of the murals that we passed by. We passed by a dozen just driving in the parking lot! Some of the murals were simply motivational quotes painted colorfully between windows and others were more elaborate portraits. (My favorite mural was that of the lady desert birds…. I really can’t explain the mural better than that). I’d learn later that Hotel McCoy has more than 50 murals on their property all painted by local artists.

Speaking more to their local flair, Hotel McCoy boasts many locally-sourced amenities and supports Tucson-businesses, including but not limited to their beer selection, their coffee, their bookstore, and even their doormats.

Sam and I did a bit of an “art walk” around the hotel, admiring the murals and taking photos next to our favorites. I probably took more photos at Hotel McCoy than I would have at any other hotel or chain-resort in Tucson. There was a lot to admire that I didn’t want to forget.

Ah, but I haven’t even told you about the room yet! You could easily tell that the items in our hotel room had been thoughtfully curated to live up to the hotel’s “retro but modern” vibe. The mini-fridge in the room was a shocking sky-blue and the desk looked like my dream workspace. The bunk-beds (yes- they have those) were comfortable and made me feel like I was a kid again.

When I asked Sam’s daughter (later) what she liked best about Hotel McCoy the bunk-beds were at the top of her list too.

We all made good use of the pool and the poolside service. While we were still in the pool, Sam was particularly proud of herself for figuring out how to order our drinks via email only to kick herself when she realized she’d accidentally used her work email to do that.

After lounging in the pool, Sam, her daughter, and I spent the bulk of that weekend at Hotel McCoy doing typical “slumber-party” things. We gorged on snacks that we had brought in with us, we watched movies, we ordered in food, and we painted our fingernails. Sam and I both offered to paint her daughter’s fingernails but that child insisted that she could do it better. (She really couldn’t).

It is rare for me to say this…. But Hotel McCoy surprised me.  I really would recommend this “oasis” to both new-to-Tucson travelers and locals looking for a unique place to hang out. Case in point, I’m hoping to convince my coworkers to forgo our annual camping trip for a weekend at Hotel McCoy instead.

Sam’s notes:

If you’re looking for a fun Tucson hotel at an extremely reasonable price PLEASE choose Hotel McCoy over your typical Holiday Inn-like options.

Hotel McCoy hosts awesome events like swim-up movies (projected on a big, inflatable screen), body-positive pool parties, and comedy nights. Hotel McCoy would also be an ideal spot for a 4th of July celebration (you’d have an amazing view of the A Mountain fireworks). 

Also, Lucy and I agreed it would be a perfect “home base” for a night out in downtown Tucson. Imagine it… bring 3 of your favorite friends, reserve the bunk bed room, take a very short/cheap Uber ride to downtown and enjoy a carefree, fun-filled evening.

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