Are you ready for the “Haiku Hike”?

Lucy Agave:

For me, “Haiku Hike” conjured images of a long-winded hiking trail ironically named after a very short type of poem by some sadistic professional hiker. (What can I say? My mind goes to dark places.)

Luckily for all of us, my imagination ran away from me on that one and the actual “Haiku Hike” was a short, sweet, and peaceful outdoor experience. 

Sam and I invited our significant others and some friends to “do the Haiku Hike” one evening a couple weeks ago. (Trust me, Sam and I had to explain this invitation multiple times…. But I’ll happily do it again!) The Haiku Hike is essentially an outdoor poetry walk along Congress and Stone Avenue. The haiku were selected from hundreds of submissions from multiple countries and they are posted on signs in flower pots scattered around downtown Tucson.  

The haiku hike was a pleasant way to end our day and walk off our dinner. We ended up making it our goal to find all of them and pick a favorite. (I apologize to anybody on the street that day who had to put up with my husband yelling that he’d “found one!”).

I’ve copy-pasted a screenshot of the “haiku hike map” from the DTP website so you can see where all the haiku are posted and I have deliberately only posted ONE photo in this post (my favorite of the haiku) so you can discover the rest for yourself!

All good traditions have to start somewhere… so take a walk downtown and support Tucson’s 2nd annual “Haiku Hike” if you’re looking for something different to do. The poems will be posted until June 1st.

Sam’s notes:

Before the Haiku Hike I enjoyed a Congress Margarita (it was pleasantly spicy, mixed with green chile liqueur and jalapeño ) from Hotel Congress. It made an already warm evening walk a little extra toasty (in a good way).

My favorite haiku was written by Peter A. Sutcliffe. See if you can find it!

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