Family-friendly Fun at Triple Play

In a nutshell:

  • What chain restaurants like Applebees can only simulate, Triple Play does organically and authentically… it has provided a family-friendly place for the community to come together
  • What I always order: the hamburger with the sweet potato fries

Lucy Agave:

I’ll begin by admitting that I’ve got more than a handful of great Triple Play stories (which, of course, is fun to say with or without some context). When I coached Cross Country, we hosted the sports banquet at Triple Play. Multiple times, when my coworkers and I had a long week and were looking for a place to celebrate the end of it, we’d go to Triple Play. When my husband and I went out on a double date on a weekday, we mini-golfed at Triple Play.  And, more recently, when Sam and I met for lunch to discuss this very blog, we met at Triple Play.

Triple Play is close to home for me (literally and otherwise) just off Duval Mine Road in Sahuarita, south of Tucson. It serves many purposes for the community…to name a few: it is a place to watch a game, it is a place to eat good food, it is a place to host an event, it is a place to play minigolf, it is a place to play cornhole, and it is also a place that hosts fundraising events for the community.

For the record, my husband and I don’t have kids. That said, there are two things worth glowing about Triple Play. Firstly, my husband and I love date night at Triple Play because we can have a great meal and a good time when it is just us. Secondly, because many of our friends do have kids, Triple Play allows for our friends-with-kids to join us for a great time in a venue where they know their children will be just as entertained as they are and it will not cost them an arm and a leg. Heck, it is exactly that sentiment that inspired the owner to establish the place. (Check out our delightful interview with Joe Rieman here).

I’m fond of saying this, but I feel that many chain restaurants have to try very hard to give off the homegrown, family-friendly vibe that Triple Play just has.

Sam’s notes:

Triple Play has cornhole, arcade games, mini golf, and batting cages… lots of fun options for young and old.  My favorite dishes are the gyro platter and BLT.  

Some people may think there’s not much going on in Green Valley (it does tend towards the side of sleepy, retirement community) but Triple Play is an exception. Whether you’re just passing through the area, or you live in Tucson, plan a fun night out at Triple Play (and support an awesome, local, educator-owned business in the process)!

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