Trekking Tumamoc

In a nutshell:

  • Local favorite, social hike of 3 miles (out and back)
  • Steep incline, gorgeous view (out and back)

Lucy Agave:

Walking up Tumamoc Hill has always felt to me like a Tucson rite of passage. I have yet to meet someone from Tucson who hasn’t “done Tumamoc” at least once.

Tumamoc hill is located just west of Sentinel Peak er “A Mountain” (another Tucson icon). The parking situation is not ideal but the real trick at Tumamoc is not appearing too winded when the group of elderly ladies passes you on the trek uphill.  

The trail up the hill can sometimes be crowded but people keep their distance. It’s nice if you know what you signed up for. (Don’t go to Tumamoc expecting an isolated experience in nature, it is a pretty busy trail). That said, Sam and I enjoy the odd combination of people-watching and a pleasant walk “alone” in the desert.   

The amazing views of the city are reason enough to brave the steep walk up Tumamoc but the convenience of being less than 10 minutes away from the city is also pretty great. Sam and I reward ourselves with a brunch at one of our favorite downtown breakfast spots after climbing up and down the hill.

Sam’s notes:

Lucy and I completed the 3 mile hike in about 33 minutes (that’s with me slowing her down). We thought it would be fun to try to beat our record on future visits.  Another interesting fact is that Tumamoc is an ecological preserve through the University of Arizona and they are currently conducting research through this site. Definitely a top spot for exercise in Tucson!

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