We Want More AZ Hops & Vines

In a nutshell: Totally worth the drive down to Sonoita, Arizona Women-owned, women-operated Winery Beautiful location, wonderful wine and entertainment options Our favorites: Yia Mas & Drag Queen Lucy Agave: “This is not what I expected the winery to be like…” our friend visiting from San Diego admitted over a glass. We understood where heContinue reading “We Want More AZ Hops & Vines”

Our interview with Shannon, Co-Owner of AZ Hops & Vines

“..my sister is a horticulturist, a viticulturist, a vinologist and she was like ‘why do I feel like I’m less than?’ And we thought, we never, ever want anyone visiting us to have that experience ever.” What are three things you want people to know about your winery? The winery is women-owned and operated. We’reContinue reading “Our interview with Shannon, Co-Owner of AZ Hops & Vines”