Trekking Tumamoc

In a nutshell: Local favorite, social hike of 3 miles (out and back) Steep incline, gorgeous view (out and back) Lucy Agave: Walking up Tumamoc Hill has always felt to me like a Tucson rite of passage. I have yet to meet someone from Tucson who hasn’t “done Tumamoc” at least once. Tumamoc hill isContinue reading “Trekking Tumamoc”

The Wonderful and Weird Bisbee

In a nutshell: History, Shopping, and Entertainment in quirky Bisbee Refreshing town with hidden gems and things-to-do: unique shopping, mining tours, etc. Saguaro Sam: Bisbee prides itself on being weird and quirky. As you wander in and out of the stores that line Main Street you’ll see t-shirts that say things like “Keepin’ it Weird Continue reading “The Wonderful and Weird Bisbee”

Our interview with Matt & Marsha, Owner and Manager, respectively, of Tombstone Brewing Company

“..they love the beer, the rustic atmosphere, the great weather, and the friendly staff. Everyone needs to try the brewery where it all started. It’s the OG, as the kids say” Why is it worth the drive to get some Tombstone brews at location / Tombstone Brewing Company? Matt: You’re never going to get aContinue reading “Our interview with Matt & Marsha, Owner and Manager, respectively, of Tombstone Brewing Company”

Tombstone Brewing Company: Too Tough to Pick Just One Favorite Beer

In a nutshell: A must-visit in Tombstone Amazing beer! Worth the Drive Our favorite beers: Helles Dorado Lager and the Spawn of Earp Lucy Agave: As ironic as this might sound coming from a travel blogger, I’ll still readily admit that my favorite trip suggestions tend to be the old-fashioned, word-of-mouth recommendations from the peopleContinue reading “Tombstone Brewing Company: Too Tough to Pick Just One Favorite Beer”

Our interview with Joe Rieman, Owner of Triple Play

“Honestly, I feel like the community owns this place…” So where did the idea for Triple Play come from? About fifteen years ago this accident near the school sparked a conversation in the community about how there is nothing for kids to do out here (in Sahuarita). People would comment on how they have toContinue reading “Our interview with Joe Rieman, Owner of Triple Play”

Are you ready for the “Haiku Hike”?

Lucy Agave: For me, “Haiku Hike” conjured images of a long-winded hiking trail ironically named after a very short type of poem by some sadistic professional hiker. (What can I say? My mind goes to dark places.) Luckily for all of us, my imagination ran away from me on that one and the actual “HaikuContinue reading “Are you ready for the “Haiku Hike”?”

Slumber Party at Hotel McCoy

In a nutshell: Next time you’re looking for a cute place to stay in Tucson, do yourself a favor and ditch the overdone resort for the uniquely restored and totally retro: Hotel McCoy. One mile away from the best spots in Downtown Tucson A FUN place to stay that won’t break the bank Lucy Agave:Continue reading “Slumber Party at Hotel McCoy”

Beaming and Blooming at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

In a nutshell: What a relaxing oasis indeed! We’d recommend planning your visit around breakfast or lunch to enjoy a meal at Edna’s Eatery. What we ate: the Arizona Orange Smoothie and the Avocado Toast. Our Plant Scavenger Hunt Challenge for you: Try to find… The “scaredy cat” plant,… the plant that smells exactly likeContinue reading “Beaming and Blooming at the Tucson Botanical Gardens”

Top 6 Favorite Breweries in Tucson

Lucy Agave: Disclaimer: there are definitely more than six excellent breweries in this city BUT if I had to pick MY favorites, here are my top six and here’s why… 1912 Brewing Co. : I fondly think of this brewery as “my first favorite” brewery in Tucson in that it was the one on thisContinue reading “Top 6 Favorite Breweries in Tucson”

Top 5 Favorite Brunch Spots in Tucson

Saguaro Sam: As a life-long brunch lover I was excited at the chance to write this blog post.  What do I look for in a great brunch place?  Well delicious food -obviously- but also the right type of atmosphere and HUGE bonus points if they have a beautiful outdoor seating area.  I can’t help it,Continue reading “Top 5 Favorite Brunch Spots in Tucson”